#EmbraceSpain III: The Rajoy-May gathering and the time for truth

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We continue to strengthen our #EmbraceSpain campaign in what has been a decisive week for the relations between Spain and the UK, with Theresa May meeting President Rajoy.

This week at Del Canto Chambers we continue our #EmbraceSpain campaign, strengthening commercial ties between Spain and the United Kingdom.

On this topic, Leon Fernando del Canto published an opinion article in the newspaper “El País” in which he defended the need to engage in a “constructive dialogue” with London, both from Madrid and from the institutions of the European Union in Brussels following Brexit and further enforced by British Prime Minister, Theresa May’s, visit to Spain and her meeting with the acting Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.

The aforementioned article, written within the #EmbraceSpain campaign’s framework, Del Canto emphasizes that it is essential that the Spanish Government and all interested parties, on both commercial and professional levels, take initiative as soon as possible with the open-mindedness that is needed right now, and begin the dialogue by prompting a series of questions to which we must find the answers in the next few months:

  • How will we negotiate a common trade and financial space once Brexit has been executed? Will we end up applying a similar system to the US green card to our residents?
  • Will we have to make adjustments to the double taxation treaty and Social Security that is in force?
  • What will happen with the other bilateral agreements?
  • Is it time to complete the tripartite agreement with Gibraltar?

As members of the Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP), a non-governmental and non-profit organization based in Westminster, London, we are very concerned about the position of British property owners in Spain.

On the other hand, this week we participated in a conference entitled “Envisioning a Post-Crisis Regional Order in the Sharq Region” in Istambul, organized by the Al-Sharq Forum, an international organization whose mission is long-term development strategies to ensure political development, social justice and economic prosperity for the people in the Middle East.

In these conferences, proposals to overcome the crisis of stability experienced by countries in the Middle East were discussed, reconfiguring the current geopolitical order of the region. As their president, Wadah Khanfar, said at the close of the conference, the Middle East is experiencing a historic moment with a better future ahead. You have to work for this better future, nurture it, believe in it; a future in which young people will have a key role in its development.

Also, over the course of the next few weeks, seminars are being conducted in Qatar on the new labor reform, which is scheduled to enter into force in mid-December and will replace the current system of sponsorship (known as Kafala) which among other controversial issues controls workers’ exit permits in the country.

These seminars also aim to raise awareness for companies and employers regarding new labor contracts and to ensure that there are mechanisms in place to protect workers’ rights. This reform includes a system based on contracts governing the relationship between both parties, the regulation of the permit system to leave the country by the Ministry of Interior, the elimination of the two years in which a worker could not return to work in Qatar, thus facilitating interlaboral mobility.

As we enter into the second half of October, we deepen our firm relations with the United Kingdom and, as with our #EmbraceSpain campaign, we intend to further strengthen our links with all of you who follow us.

Xavier Nova (@xavinova)

Director of Del Canto Chambers