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Company Secretary

Company Secretaries (also called Corporate Secretaries) are an essential actor to guarantee effective administration and governance. They can have many roles depending on the needs of the organisation; or a very limited presence to mediate between board members, and the board of directors and the wider public.

In any case, their presence is more and more related to the day-to-day supervision of overall compliance with internal and external rules; managing shareholder relationships; and assisting the board on strategy and general advice. We can take care of that.

Company Secretary

Why Do You Need a Company Secretary?

In the absence of a Company Secretary, it will be a director or a director’s representative who has to deal with compliance, shareholders and strategy.

This will compromise the director’s time and efforts, which could be directed elsewhere, as many of these tasks require daily supervision. Having a dedicated Secretary helps firm leaders manage their time more effectively.

How Can You Benefit from a Secretary?

Secretaries make their duties their profession. The rapid pace of innovation and change in the private sector often results in a diverse board. Rather than assuming all or at least most of its directors will be able to fulfil the secretary’s role, it might be better to hire a person who has experience and is dedicated to these tasks.

Besides freeing up time, Company Secretaries can dynamise firm governance, introducing accountable and transparent systems that can substantially improve efficiency. In short, company Secretaries will make you ready for unforeseen issues, like proposed deals, mergers and acquisitions or sudden changes in the policy environment.

FAQ’S on our Company Secretary Services

How will I make the most of your Company Secretary services?

Of course, not all of our clients will reap all the benefits from our Company Secretary services. Under UK legislation, certain firms are no longer required to officially employ one. However, rather than this limiting their presence, Secretaries are now used by non-profit bodies like foundations or humanitarian organisations. The employment of a Company Secretary helps your Board and individual Directors show they care about transparency, accuracy and responsibility regarding shareholders; and the wider stakeholder pool.

Consequently, if you are firm considering starting or increasing your activities in Spain, it would be advisable to inform yourself on the most appropriate functions a Secretary could fulfil in your organisation. Of course, feel free to make an enquiry so we can assess if and how you could make the most of our Company or Corporate Secretary services. There is no commitment involved in this first contact, and you are sure to gain some valuable advice on the future of your company in Spain and other countries.

Which Company Secretary services do you provide?

Del Canto Chambers offers full Company Secretary services across compliance, shareholder relations and strategy:

  • Drafting and circulating meeting agendas. For both directors and shareholders, our Secretary can help you arrange these meetings and ensure they take place according to established rules, ensuring they take accurate minutes. Regarding shareholders, secretaries can draft different types of materials before any regular or extraordinary meeting. Finally, they can manage archives for these meetings.
  • Overall management of company books and files: payroll, insurance, accounting… This includes filing and adding to the records held by Companies House in the UK or Registro Mercantil in Spain.
  • Tracking and application of any changes in relevant legislation. Our secretaries can work across all sectors, and are particularly experienced in media, real state, property and financial law.
  • Registration of company property, including main offices and headquarters.
  • Cross-jurisdictional compliance. This one of our cross-border team’s strongest assets, considering the differences between Spain and the UK; particularly after Brexit.
  • Safeguarding of key company documents like share certificates or memorandums.
  • Acting as the primary point of contact for shareholders; notifying them and providing answers on issues like meetings, dividends, transfers and more.
  • In supporting shareholder communications, secretaries also aim to summarise and adapt technical information relevant to the company so both directors and shareholders can understand it.
  • Signing of essential company documents on behalf of directors or the board. Secretaries are particularly beneficial because they are also aware of which status changes and other modifications must be notified to the relevant authorities.
  • Capital/share negotiations can be complex. In a changing legal environment, Company secretaries can help avoid issues by ensuring rules are respected.
  • Dealing with the company’s bank, ensuring that it is informed of the nature of every transaction.
  • Setting your company up in a new country or legal jurisdiction. Our legal experts are used to the complexities of different legal systems and will help you make the most of your international presence. We also have experience with company restructuring, knowing how to connect business interests and human capital to the most appropriate legal ownership structures.
  • Horizon scanning and risk prevention is also one of the secretaries’ key activities, making sure the firm and board of directors are always acting with compliance (and do not miss any deadlines). Our secretaries will also undertake research on partners and stakeholders to ensure they are trustworthy.
  • Filing and forwarding of correspondence.

What are the benefits of hiring you to provide Company Secretary services in Spain?

There are two key benefits: cross-jurisdictional expertise and a trusted track record.

At Del Canto Chambers, we have dealt with major cases across the UK, Spain, the Middle East and Latin America. We are particularly proud of our ongoing work for Spanish and British clients, as our professionals are qualified as both barristers and “abogados”. This means our activities can take place across borders with full knowledge of the systems, timings and opportunities specific to each location.

As we have become more international, we have also expanded the range of sectors where we have represented our clients. We have solved high-profile issues the realms of intellectual property, tax and other advice across media, real state, finance, property and more. We have worked under strict confidentiality rule while adhering to appropriate transparency and accountability rules. After all, the best Company Secretaries must respect and set the standard of corporate governance by example.

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