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Private Clients

Galicia Office

Del Canto Chambers offices in Galicia provide our international clients the tax & legal services they need in Spain; both for individuals and businesses.

Galicia is a Spanish region with strong Gaelic roots and the land of El Camino de Santiago (The Way of St. James), among many other cultural and touristic amenities.

The Galician economy has grown significantly and is home to a large number of shipping, manufacturing, fashion and service-based corporations. 

Our offices are located in the city of A Coruña, hometown of Forbes listed Amancio Ortega Gaona, the founder of the successful fashion company Zara. A popular location for businesses and investors looking for a European base. 

We provide our corporate clients all the necessary services to establish and manage their operations in Galicia, including company formation, legal compliance and advisory services, joint ventures advisory services, intellectual property, mergers and  acquisitions, and tax and legal disputes’ resolution. 

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Service Scope

We offer services to companies, businesses and entrepreneurs from Galicia with international interests in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Colombia and Middle East as well as international clients with interests in investing or doing businesses in Galicia. 

We are uniquely able to offer dual-qualified multilingual legal services, our lawyers are all originally qualified in Spain and experienced in acting for clients in many countries including Spain, Colombia, Ireland, UK and Qatar

We focus on real estate and Intellectual Property investments and related business, in addition to technology and media. 

In the UK, as patrons of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce we promote and facilitate events, conferences and meetings in the City of London and facilitate networking opportunities with guilds and business associations (“gremios”) and other relevant authorities. 

Our international presence in A Coruña, Spain, connects our client with the other cities where we are located, such as London, UK, Cork in the Republic of Ireland, Bogota in Colombia and Doha, Qatar.

Type of services we offer:

  • Tax and Legal advisory and compliance regarding existing operations and structures used internationally (branches, subsidiaries, representative offices).
  • Corporate Advisory services. M&A, Joint Ventures, Global Strategic Partnerships, agency, etc.
  • Tax & Legal Dispute Resolution. International Litigation legal advice and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods
  • Intellectual Property. Protection and Monetisation of Intellectual Property, including the assessment of the legal, financial and tax implications.

Luisa Cid

Get in contact with our specialist in Galician Law for more information

Corporate Law, European Lawyer and Spanish Abogada
Del Canto Chambers Spain, A Coruña

Luisa Cid is a Spanish and European Lawyer with extensive experience both in private practice and public service. Her areas of expertise are Corporate Law and Administrative Law and Contracts. 

How can we help?

Our Spanish-speaking legal experts are able to offer a wide range of tax and legal services to businesses and individuals looking to invest in Spain or Spanish-base businesses who wish to expand internationally.  Whether you want to own property, do business or invest in Spain, we have the local knowledge to explain the legal system, demystify the taxation regimes and identify risks and opportunities in a way which will make sense and help you meet your objectives. 

To make a no-obligation enquiry, please call us on +34 91 080 08 85 or fill out the form below.