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UK Services

London is one of the world’s leading business centres and its legislation is extremely influential for jurisdictions worldwide. However, high operating costs and widespread competition can make the city a complex base to operate from. Let us help you make the most of establishing operations here, from the beating heart of the City and the UK, to the rest of the world.

Global City, Global Business

London is the headquarters or an important regional division for most corporations worldwide. It has one of the world’s most educated and diverse workforces, meaning that you can find professional solutions for every problem. Besides, it has a favourable tax and regulatory environment for those seeking to start a new business. The UK as a whole offers many opportunities for aspiring brands and established entrepreneurs.

At the same time, there are many risks; and an uncertain Brexit process in the horizon. To avoid falling into a trap or wasting essential time in setting up, we will do our best to adjust our services offer to your business needs.

An Established Operation

We have been helping our clients build bridges throughout the years, using London to enter other jurisdictions and ensuring they make the most of the city’s vibrant business community. 

Our Services

Our office in London, managed by local lawyers, can offer the following services:

  • Incorporation of companies in the UK
  • Selection of business partners in London and elsewhere
  • Advice, negotiation and mediation
  • Litigation in London: Claims, Unpayments, Debts…
  • Workshops and courses on the British context and how to do business in London

We can help you design the opportunity from the start, making sure that you avoid the many mistakes made by foreign investors in the country. Since we employ local lawyers, we are fully aware of the regulatory and political hurdles that can be avoided. Start the conversation today and get one step closer to investing in the world’s leading global city.

Still have questions about our London team of international lawyers? Find out more about our British services here.

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