Invest in a Spanish start up and obtain the Golden Visa

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Investing in a Spanish start-up not only has numerous tax advantages, but can also open the doors for the Spanish Golden Visa, ie the residency permit in Spain.

A startup company or just emerging company is a term currently used to refer to a business project around ideas that are just beginning. These companies are generally associated with innovation, technology development, web design or web development.

There are currently more than 3,000 start-ups in Spain in which to invest. With the aim of promoting these projects, the government has implemented tax changes that favor investment in these companies. And if you decide to invest as an individual -and not as a society- you will benefit from even higher deductions and rebates.

All this is good news if you wanted to get the Spanish residency since according to the Spanish Law on Entrepreneurs of 2013, if a foreigner invests in a project, as long as they can prove that it will have a positive effect on job creation, have a social or economic impact in the geographical area of ​​investment, or represent a significant contribution to scientific innovation and / or technology, they will be eligible to obtain it.

So an investment of this type may allow you to apply for a Spanish residence, by means of the so-called Spanish Golden Visa scheme. If you want to invest in Spain for residency, you can search among thousands of emerging business projects, and benefit from many tax advantages.

Converting this investment in a residence permit requires the approval of the competent Spanish authorities, so it is advisable that this is managed by a specialized and competent agent.