Nuria Coronado’s book Hombres por la Igualdad

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Nuria Coronado’s book “Hombres por la Igualdad” was presented in the headquarters of European Institutions in Madrid last Friday, 24th of November. Sixteen well known men from different professional sectors and trajectories shared pages in this book in favour of equality, the 16 are convinced of the necessity of achieving a combined compromise, and that “this fight is not a matter of women, but of humans”. The rapper El Chojin, the professor Miguel Lorente, Baltasar Garzon, Leon Fernando Del Canto and Fran Orantes, and a few more, have raised their voice in favour of feminism in Men for equality, the book written by Nuria Coronado, edited byLoQueNoExiste.

Miguel Lorente explains in the prologue: “Reading all of these men is a luck full of hope and confidence, as is transmitted (…) Nuria Coronado has made this possible”. Flor de Torres, in the epilogue, concludes: “This book is the omen of a pending revolution”.

El Chojin, Baltasar Garzón, Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, Rafa Sánchez, Fran Orantes, Juan Verde, Roy Galán, Octavio Salazar, Isaías Lafuente, Euprepio Padula, José Nieto, Álvaro Merino, Juan Merodio, León Fernando Del Canto, David Martínez y Gregorio Gómez are some of the protagonists of Men for equality. All of them strike for the necessity of defending women’s rights everyday to achieve a fair world. They know that overcoming sexism and the construction of an equal society can be achieved with the implication of all. The objective is to launch a voice of alert to those men who are still unaware.

Men for equality is the result of a compromise of feminism allies, that affirm that the fight against gender inequality is a job in which all men should actively participate. “Equality is a matter of democracy and human rights” in the pages of this book.

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