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Luisa Cid

Corporate Law, European Lawyer and Spanish Abogada

(A Coruña)

Luisa Cid is a Spanish and European Lawyer with extensive experience both in private practice and public service. Her areas of expertise are Corporate Law and Administrative Law and Contracts. 

She has vast international experience in UK, Ireland, Canada, and the USA; and has been  Secretary-General for the Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities and a  Member of the Spanish National Committee of ICOMOS (UNESCO). Over the years, Ms. Cid has been a Counselor and member of the board for several public administrations, foundations, and companies, and President of the Galician Entrepreneur Women Foundation.

Luisa Cid is a Master of Laws ( ICADE Pontificia Comillas University), Master in Public Policy ( A Coruna University ), and Postgraduate in Public Administrative and Urban Planning Law (Santiago de Compostela University).

She is a Member of the Galician Royal Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation.